Wallpaper steamer 2000W - 4.5L with 3.5m hose

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Easily get rid of your old wallpaper!

Are you moving or renovating your current home and do you need to remove a large amount of wallpaper? Let the VONROC WS501AC wallpaper steamer be your solution for this project. The purchase price is almost equal to the price of renting a wallpaper steamer. The most important and biggest difference is that the steamer is now yours, so you don't have to pick it up and take it away again. You only pay the purchase price once and you can remove as much wallpaper whenever and wherever you want.

How does a wallpaper steamer work?

The name already says it all, a wallpaper steamer runs on steam. In order for the machine to generate this steam you simply add water, you don't need to use environmentally harmful chemicals. Holding the steamer in one hand and your wallpaper scraper in the other, you steam a spot for 15-20 seconds, after which you can use the scraper to remove the loosened wallpaper. In the meantime, you can use the steam plate to loosen the next part.

Most important elements of a wallpaper steamer:

  • Water tank: a wallpaper steamer is equipped of a water tank with heating element. You fill the reservoir with (tap) water, the heating element brings the water to boil so you get steam. The VONROC steamer has a reservoir of 4.5L and you can work with a full tank for about 75 minutes.
  • Connection and steam hose: the VONROC WS501AC runs on electricity and has a 2m long power cable. The steam hose has a length of 3.5m and is the connecting element between your water tank and the steam plate. Thanks to the 3.5m long steam cable you have a lot of freedom of movement during the job. This also has the advantage that the machine can stay on the ground while you are working on a ladder. Saves lifting and bumbling on your ladder, which is really pleasant and more safe!
  • Steam plate: the steam plate is equipped with a handle so you can easily move the steam plate along the working surface.


  • Are only your walls being tackled? Then we would like to advise you to cover your floor and any other furniture in the area that you are working. When you work with a wallpaper steamer, the room becomes dampened, and drops or steam can end up on your floor or furniture. It's not nice for you if this damages your floor or furniture.
  • It is best not to steam too large surfaces at once, but to apply enough steam so that the paper comes loose in one piece. If you steam too large a surface, the moisture will evaporate before you have been able to loosen the wallpaper.
  • It is important to have a proper wallpaper scraper or knife nearby to remove the loosened wallpaper.
  • Do not leave the loosened wallpaper on the wall for too long. The glue can harden and make the wallpaper stick to the wall again. Keep a garbage bag at hand so that you can clean up the residue immediately.

What's in the eco-friendly packaging?

The WS501AC comes in an environmentally friendly brown box without a full colour print. In the package you will also find a handy reusable toolbag to store the tools and a VONROC Member Card.


  • 1x VONROC WS501AC wallpaper steamer
  • 1x VONROC Toolbag
  • 1x VONROC Member Card


More Information
EAN Code 8717479085736
Gross weight 2.6
Power input 2000W
Mains voltage 230-240V
Frequency 50Hz
Tank volume 4,5L
Working time 75min
Hose 3.5m
Power Cord length 2m
Includes 1x Wallpaper steamer - 1x VONROC Toolbag - 1x VONROC Member Card
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